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SneakHer Story

The Sole Wash was cultivated under Footage Society, a premier sneaker boutique in Laurel, MD founded by David, Nichole, and Tyler.  Since 2015, Nichole, with the support of her Footage Society co-owners, has grown the Sole Wash into a leading service provider, specializing in sneaker cleaning and restoration. She has also established an academy to offer specialized training programs and classes.  In 2019, the Sole Wash was officially established as a sister company to Footage Society which expanded to Washington, D.C. in the Spring 2021.  

 As a Afro-Latina female in a historically male dominated industry, Nichole (IG @ricanpowergirl) is excited to be the first female to own a sneaker laundry. She hopes to continue to pave the way for other minorities in the sneaker industry. 

 Sole Wash remains independent from any sneaker cleaning brand. We test, utilize, and retail the best products. We are extremely well versed in a wide range of products and materials to determine which treatment will refresh your sneakers. 

The Sole Wash has fostered a community of sneaker enthusiasts through its commitment to education, A+ customer service, community development, engagement, and serves as an industry leader in the sneaker care and laundry market.  Over the last six years, Nichole has been highly engaged in the sneaker community from a sneaker cleaning expert with several major cleaning companies and as a co-host on the @mondaymidsole YouTube channel.  

Sole Wash is extremely committed to elevating your sneakers. Customer satisfaction is our highest priority, we are committed to providing an engaged, transparent customer experience that is unmatched in the sneaker care industry.